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Black Leg

[view pdf version here] When diseases disappear from the farm we forget about them. Sometimes they disappear because we have eliminated them entirely, but more often it is due to management techniques. This can lead us into a false sense of security. No feet problem recently? Maybe we go a[…]

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Fall Founder

Laminitis, commonly known as founder, can range from a frustrating problem being controlled with management to a life threatening condition. It is often associated with late spring/early summer when horses are turned out onto fresh, lush pasture. This rapid increase in forage sugar content in pasture from the dry hay[…]

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Horse Health Newsletter: Colic

As the weather starts to change and fluctuate, be on the lookout for the number one risk to horses: colic. Colic is a general term for abdominal pain in horses and can be caused by a number of different factors, from mild indigestion to severe intestinal torsion. Changes in feeding[…]

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Winter Calf Health

Download the newsletter here. With colder weather quickly approaching, it is important to start to think about what additional management procedures will be necessary in order to maintain appropriate calf health during the winter months. Knowing what you can do as a producer to minimize calf losses by providing proper[…]

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Maintaining production and Low Somatic Cell Counts During Summer Heat Stress

Heat Stress has the potential to greatly diminish herd performance and profitability. However, the impact of heat stress can be minimized by taking steps to prepare your herd to perform well during the hot summer months. Consider the following areas when making heat abatement preparations: Cooling Systems: Functional and efficient[…]

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Lyme Disease in Equines

We live in an area rich with Ixodes ticks that carry the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi, which is associated with Lyme disease in people, dogs, and horses. The risk of Lyme disease in your horse (while lower than you or your dog) is increasing at a steady pace as a higher proportion of[…]

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Beef Health Newsletter from McGregor Veterinary Services

Beef Health Newsletter June 2015

Now that those long dreary winter days are behind us, it is time to focus on spring/summer management. With the calving season winding down, cattle being put back out on pasture, and calf prices being strong this year, it is important to remember these preventative procedures in order to keep[…]

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McGregor Veterinary Services Equine Update 2015

Equine Vaccination Update

As you think about your horse’s health neeeds for 2015…. When It’s time for your horse’s annual vaccinations, be aware that last year (2014) there were again several confirmed cases of West Nile Virus Disease in horses in Canada. Read our update here.

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